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with Reilly Bodycomb

NO GI GrAPPLING Training Camp

April 4-5 2020 in Spring, TX

Ground Dwellers presents a two-day training camp in Spring, TX with grappling coach Reilly Bodycomb.  This opportunity is open to grapplers and mixed martial artists from anywhere in the world to attend. The camp's focus will be on building a thorough understanding of clinch principles, pressure passing, and guard leg lock entries. People of all skill levels are welcome as long as they are prepared to train hard and have a good attitude!



Session 1 (Saturday 11:00am - 1:00pm): No Gi Clinch Work

In this session we will break down the fundamentals of upper body throws and trips in a no-gi environment.

Session 2 (Saturday 2:00pm - 4:00pm): Leg Lock and Pressure Passing Combined
In this session Reilly will teach how to mix your leg lock threats with pressure passing.

Session 3 (Sunday 11:00am - 2:00pm): Guard Leg Lock Entries

In this session we will lay out some smooth entries into powerful leg locking positions from bottom guard.


2 Day TX
Rdojo Camp
April 4-5 2020
25 person max! No Refunds!
Video from previous Rdojo Camps

It is recommended that you bring several pairs of training clothes. Vale Tudo shorts/ board shorts/ Sambo shorts/ gi pants/ spats are all acceptable and either tight fitting shirts or rashguards are fine. Food is NOT provided, so be sure to bring money for snacks and meals. 


Rdojo founder and head instructor Reilly Bodycomb teaches a progressive approach to grappling that is heavily focused on dominating the standing phase of combat with throws and dynamic submission entrances. Reilly has won multiple high level SAMBO events using his method, including the USA National Sport SAMBO Championships, the Pan-American Sport SAMBO Championships, and the Dutch Combat SAMBO Championships. He has also achieved competition success in a wide range of other combat sports including submission grappling, and MMA. On top of his competition credentials he holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Link to Reilly's Competition Resume 

Reviews of Reilly Bodycomb's Seminars

"The value of this camp was ridiculously good... He doesn't hold back information and gives his best every time."

-Matt Little. BJJ Black Belt

"How much does the seminar actually change your mindset and future training? In that regard, this is one of the most valuable seminars I’ve ever been to."

-Matt Kirtley. BJJ Black Belt

"Overall, I HIGHLY recommend if you EVER have the opportunity to train with him, or to attend one of his seminars you MUST. "

-Mike Palladino. BJJ Black Belt

"If you're looking to expand your knowledge in grappling beyond the IBJJF rule set, I strongly recommend checking out Reilly Bodycomb's work."

-Emily Kwok. BJJ Black Belt

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