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A unified approach to guard-passing and leg-locking


The download link will be sent to your email address. The file is a ZIP file and is most easily unzipped from a computer.

This is a recording of a two-part seminar on an updated and dynamic approach to combining guard passing with leg locking. This system (proven to be effective in competition by the Rdojo fight team) aims to simplify the attack method for leg-lockers who want to tighten up their top game.

  • Updated finishes for inside heel hooks

  • Details on finishing the cross-body ankle lock

  • Updated 'high top rock' method of leg entanglement entry

  • Updated top rock kneebar finish explained

  • X-pass to back-step flow explained

  • Side-ride to knee-ride flow explained

  • Updated 'vegan mount' passing details

    FORMAT: MP4 videos in a Zip file
    RUNNING LENGTH: 72 Minutes


 The suggested retail price of this download is $20. You may choose to pay that, or if you would like to pay a different amount, you may pay whatever you feel this download is worth by clicking the button below. 

Reviews of Reilly Bodycomb's Seminars

"The value of this camp was ridiculously good... He doesn't hold back information and gives his best every time."

-Matt Little. BJJ Black Belt

"How much does the seminar actually change your mindset and future training? In that regard, this is one of the most valuable seminars I’ve ever been to."

-Matt Kirtley. BJJ Black Belt

"Overall, I HIGHLY recommend if you EVER have the opportunity to train with him, or to attend one of his seminars you MUST. "

-Mike Palladino. BJJ Black Belt

"If you're looking to expand your knowledge in grappling beyond the IBJJF rule set, I strongly recommend checking out Reilly Bodycomb's work.. "

-Emily Kwok. BJJ Black Belt

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