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Rdojo is a team of multi-lineage martial artists from all over the world who produce dynamic results in a wide range of grappling competitions. On this site you can view the Rdojo fight team's accomplishments, purchase instructional material, and check the schedule for Rdojo founder Reilly Bodycomb's upcoming seminars and multi day camps.

Rdojo Jacket Wrestling Tournament - Spring, TX 2016


The special rules used for this tournament pushed every aspect of the participating grapplers' skill sets.

As intended, the athletes with the most cross-training experience in multiple grappling styles did the best!


The Winners:

Heavyweight Division - Charles Haymon:

SAMBO champion

BJJ black belt

Judo brown belt


Middleweight Divisin - Elliot Hill:

SAMBO champion

BJJ brown belt

Pro submission grappler


Lightweight Division - Javier Palomo:

SAMBO champion

Judo black belt

BJJ purple belt



Team Bay Jiu-Jitsu Berkeley competing at the the American Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Santa Cruz, CA.


Team Bay Jiu-Jitsu athletes, including head coach Stephan Goyne, compete in the first ever American Jiu-Jitsu tournament in Santa Cruz, California held at Kaijin MMA.




Reilly Bodycomb and Wannes De Roover

at the 2016 Dutch SAMBO Open


Reilly Bodycomb (Combat SAMBO) and Wannes De Roover (Sport SAMBO) compete in the 2016 Dutch SAMBO Open. Thank you to Inverted Gear for the support.




Team Bay Jiu Jitsu hits some slick dynamic submission entries
at the Submission Pro Tour in Sacramento