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Pan-American Sport SAMBO Champion

Dutch Open Combat SAMBO Champion

Ranked 5th in the world at 68kg (FIAS 2016)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt


Reilly Bodycomb founded Rdojo as an online cross-training resource to help martial artists intelligently implement Soviet SAMBO Wrestling into their own grappling training. By incorporating the dynamic submission elements and powerful throwing method of SAMBO, a grappler already versed in Jiu-Jitsu can become a force to be reckoned with in multiple combat sports.


The Rdojo method is about knowing as much as you can about every element of grappling, and using that knowledge to narrow your attack vector to a razor sharp edge. The goal is to remove your blind spots, while simultaneously simplifying your game.


All combat sport rule sets are designed to test a specific aspect of hand-to-hand fighting. Thus competing successfully in more than one rule set is the best demonstration of a well rounded martial artist. We believe that being able to dominate the standing phase of grappling with takedowns or dynamic submissions is the most versatile approach, and can be used in the broadest group of rule sets and combative circumstances. The Rdojo method prioritizes the following aspects:

Whoever has the upper hand in any takedown battle dictates the terms in most combat situations. A strong takedown is often the deciding factor in a fight: It can lead directly into an oppressive dominant top position, force your opponent to expose a submission, or the impact of a throw can become a KO all by itself!


With time, practice, and a sophisticated understanding of top position, a grappler can make their opponent feel like there is no hope of survival. Slowly removing the air from the lungs, and obstructing the breathing of a struggling opponent can lead to them making basic mistakes that can be easily capitalized on with relatively low effort from the top player.  If you are doing it right, you can make the person underneath you wish they never let themselves take bottom position.


To survive or even thrive from the bottom requires a hyper active and dynamic attack pattern that is constantly leveraging multiple threats until the opponent succumbs to one, or is forced to let you up. The key is to not rely on the rules of grappling tournaments to protect you from the truth of the position: Being on bottom is dangerous in a striking environment! You better have real attacks from there to balance the equation, because waiting patiently for your opponent to overextend is an unrealistic and very sport specific attitude that cripples your actual martial arts potential. 

All of these concepts work in tandem to form the foundation of a truly well rounded grappler. The eventual goal is not just to be able to win in several different grappling rule sets, but also to have confidence that you can persevere in real fight if needed.


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